From the Grave

This is one of our newer songs. Still very much a work in progress. We still are trying to figure out how to play it the way we did this first time. Freaturing MC J Bones.

(mumbe) Brookln
yo Not new york it was oregon stupid
just outside portland orgeon
its one of those neighborhood you thought you never knew
i foudn mysefl creeping through the dark
it was like late maybe 8
i dont even know anymore
but i am kicking it
like every little bit of it


take me from the grave
did i misbehave
took a sip of whiskey
i was up all night
oops i did it again
i need a shower

caue im digging
graves again
i took the whiskey to much
rolling down the higghway
the cops following me us
im towin way too much shit
i drivi in overdrive
cant believe i need a drink
just to know im alive

im diggin in the grave
did i misbehave
im walking down the path
and i do not agree
maybe ill walk
take the sweater the bitches they talk
i see the shadow and i go not agree
take a cab maybe ill walk
wear the sweater the pidgens the balk

im really glad
the times taht we had
i love my pops
i love my dad
i wanna learn the master plan
could i have the dream can i live on the land

next thing you
i found a house
things you know
not scared
not time for building its time to live
its time to mirror its time to give

im starting fires at night
im starting fires at night
on the fucking bass

im not running
im not running no more
you can check my fuckingcredit score
i gamed the system and i got even more
i feel the sweat coming out of my pores

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